Triple Frontier


TRIPLE FRONTIER, from 2019, directed by J.C. Chandor, co-writing with Mark Boal, is a slick Guy Movie action thriller that hearkens back to some of the macho rumbles from the 70s and 80s, and even evokes trace memories of traditional soldier-of-fortune oldies from the 60s. Good-looking matinee fare, with a personable cast, neat exotic locales, high stakes and fast action.

A former Delta Force soldier (Oscar Isaac), working as a private adviser to Colombian authorities trying to nab a narco bigwig, gets a tip from his informant (Adria Arjona) as to the jungle hideaway of the kingpin. To help her escape and to nail (as in”terminate with extreme prejudice”) the drug lord, the mercenary convinces four of his old warrior buddies (Ben Affleck, Charlie Hunnam, Garrett Hedlund and Pedro Pascal) to sign on for an off-the-grid mission, one that will not only accomplish freeing the girl and zapping the crime boss, but enriching them with his vast loot stash, a one-time payday-payback for all the dirty deeds they did on government behalf sanction as soldiers. This one’s for us, brothers…


Like all Sure Thing Situations, events take it out of control, and the guys have to fight it out across the jungle and over the Andes to a hopeful boat rescue on the Pacific coast. Some logic gaps show up (it’s an action-adventure movie, so who cares?) and Affleck doesn’t put much energy into his role, but the others are solid, it moves well, and it looks good. Not a smash, but for sure an entertaining time-fiddler.


A hot property since 2010, with every other Big Gun in Hollywood attached at one time or another (Hanks, Depp, Tatum, Hardy, Smith, Wahlberg) it finally made it out with this testosterone crew, and director Chandor had proven his chops directing Margin Call, All Is Lost and A Most Violent Year.

Released briefly to a few theaters, it’s mostly a streamer flick, hopefully regaining its $80,000,000 budget outlay from on-line views and disc sales. 125 minutes. Filmed in Colombia and Hawaii.


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