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With a Cast of Thousands


Welcome. At the top of this page if you click on ‘All Reviews’ you’ll find the latest entries displayed.  Ski down that page to other pix, click on one and you get that review. Or, take cuts in line to the Index. Thanks for stopping by.

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12 thoughts on “Home

  1. What an excellent site. (I was prompted to visit by a mention on the DVD Savant column.) I’ll keep coming back to this to read more. I’ve also now ordered a copy of Yesterday’s Enemy, and that’s why I really like sites like yours: they help remember the forgotten.

    • Hey, thanks so much, Nick. This comment is the first thing I read today, so what a nice start. Glenn’s plug means a lot to me, as I really admire his work. Glad you’ve found my neck of the woods!

      • You’re more than welcome. Might I ask which template you’re using for your blog? I also use WordPress to write about books, but my blog is in list form and now getting VERY long. I’d like to present the reviews in a grid, as you do, and add an index. But I can’t find such a template that doe that.

  2. I also discovered your blog via the great DVD Savant page. Looking forward to reading your reviews.

  3. Such a fun site! A lot of great, and absolutely not great, films with spot on and entertaining reviews/comments. I was turned on to your site from a mutual pal, Duncan Atwood.

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