9 1/2 Weeks


Ulterior motives?  Me?

9 ½ WEEKS—–find a red-blooded heterosexual guy who would not want to ravish Kim Basinger six&½ ways from sundown. Now find one who wants to watch it done by Mickey Rourke.  Super-hyped sexy thang from 1986 was directed by Adrian Lyne, and its gabbled-over kinkiness and frenzied boinking failed to draw many panters in the States, where it unsatisfied with a take of $6,700,000 against a cost of $17,000,000. The rest of the globe ate it up, go figure, taking the gross skyward to $100,000,000.


This way you can’t see the audience walking out

It’s 117 minutes of sexual obsession as Rourke plays mind-body psych warfare on Kim. Leaves a bad taste, and is photographed, edited and scored like a long fashion commercial. It did manage an unintended bit of fame trivia when 1,000 people attended a sneak preview and 960 walked out on it. Of the 40 who stayed to fill out response cards, 35 wrote that they hated it.  On the other end of the spectrum, in one theater in Sao Paulo, Brazil it ran for 76 weeks. Then it churned up more notoriety with Basinger interviews where she detailed how brutally manipulative Lyne was when directing her. Power trip for ‘Art’. How novel. Hot sex has never been so boring.


Growing as an actor




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