In A World


    IN A WORLD—-clever idea about a young woman competing in the male-dominated world of Hollywood voice-over practitioners runs itself into its own coy insider self-awareness after about fifteen minutes, gets shrill and stays in that register.  Rave reviews put me in the decided minority, but I didn’t like the characters at all or care one iota what happened to any of them.  Written, co-produced & directed by its star, Lake Bell, who, you would think from all the 4-star reviews, is the greatest lady to grace comedy since Carole Lombard.  No cigar from this corner.  Released in 2013, running 93 minutes, with Demetri Martin, Fred Malamed (obnoxious doesn’t begin..), Rob Corddry, Eva Longoria and Geena Davis. Cameron Diaz has a bit.  This movie smacks—screams—“connected!”.  It made $2,970,000 off a cost of less than a mil.  I pass.


…and I’m Clark Gable


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