Doctor At Sea



DOCTOR AT SEA —-second in a series of seven ‘Doctor‘ comedies from Britain, this arthritic patient is notable only for introducing Brigitte Bardot to English-language features. Otherwise, this wan follow-up to the bright Doctor In The House offers Dirk Bogarde (who starred in four of the seven) and dated silliness rather too twee to squirm through today, despite a cast that includes James Robertson Justice, Maurice Denham, George Coulouris, Geoffrey Keen and Michael Medwin.

A 1955 hit in its native country, this operates on the comedy gurney where a decent single bachelor doesn’t know what in heavens to do when presented with a drop-dead beauty who is both available and interested.  Now, take that dead horse, drag it back six decades to genteel-mannered England and see how much (other than BB) you can put up with. In the U.S. it grossed $1,100,000, doing better than its much more enjoyable predecessor, likely because of the interest generated by Bardot.  93 minutes worth, directed by Ralph Thomas.


Get a clue, pal.





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