The Evil That Men Do


THE EVIL THAT MEN DO—--retired CIA assassin (one of our good guy assassins) Charles Bronson heads to Guatemala to take out a doctor who teaches torture techniques and sells them to governments.  Maybe when in Guatemala, the CIA guy could apologize for the 1954 coup that started decades of U.S. backed slaughter in that poverty-stricken nation?  Nah, that would be a different movie. This one starts with an unstintingly brutal electric shock demonstration and doesn’t get much nicer as it goes along.

With Theresa Saldana, Joseph Maher, Jose Ferrer and Raymond St. Jacques.  Directed with no brakes on the mean pedal by J.Lee Thompson, one of nine flix he tattered his reputation on with the stoic star, who likewise did himself no favors with 90 minutes of junk like this.

Audiences who ponied up $13,100,000 knew what they were getting when the ads teased “Most criminals answer to the law. The world’s most savage executioner must answer to Bronson.”


Charles reasons



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