Dark Tide (2012)


   DARK TIDE (2012)—she’s about as gorgeous as anyone on Earth, and she can act up a storm when she wants to, but she sure has trouble with the selection process. Her name is Halle Berry and this ‘action thriller’ about a ‘shark whisperer’ (you smelled that right) in the waters off Cape Town, joins her Oops Folder that holds the scripts for Gothika, Catwoman, Perfect Stranger, Frankie And Alice, Movie 43, New Years Eve, The Call….

This 2012 addition to that august school of flounders ate up $25,000,000 and regurgitated a de-finned, boneless $432,000. Directed by John Stockwell, 94 minutes, featuring Olivier Martinez, who married the leading lady.


Throw out some script repellent





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