A Change Of Seasons


A CHANGE OF SEASONS—-the dependable mid-life crisis passage must have hit  extra boink in 1980, with Loving Couples, Middle Age Crazy, The Last Married Couple In America and Serial competing for the bittersweet laughs. Worst reviewed of the lot was this, which capitalized as much as it could on the new flavor of the day, Bo Derek, topless and hot-tubby.

Anthony Hopkins is always worth watching, but it’s a drag to get through this sorry film, which co-stars Shirley MacLaine—who Hopkins referred to as “the most obnoxious actress I have ever worked with.”

Directed by Richard Lang, playing out over 102 minutes, with Michael Brandon and Mary Beth Hurt. It made $16,000,000 on a cost of $6,000,000, mostly thanks to Bo’s bod…





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