BUTTERFLY—-Israeli multimillionaire Meshulam Riklis, not lacking in chutzpah, foisted his talent-free wife—the immortal Pia Zadora —onto a resistant world in this 1982 turd. What makes the boring thing of any note at all is that it comes from a lesser novel of James M. Cain, has a music score from Ennio Morricone and engages the talents of Stacy Keach, Orson Welles (!), Lois Nettleton, Edward Albert, James Franciscus, Stuart Whitman, June Lockhart and Ed McMahon (“YES!”).

Directed by Matt Cimber, lasting 108 minutes, it deals with the happy topic of incest, and pretty much gives that a green light.  It also has pretensions of being taken seriously, which would lead you to think it will be funny because it’s so bad.  Nope. Oh, Pia, Pia….


Citizen Welles meets Mamma Pia


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