Force 10 From Navarone


FORCE 10 FROM NAVARONE —you couldn’t do a better job of making the 1961 epic The Guns Of Navarone look good than this 1978 spinoff, which also shows that it’s possible to forget a movie before you’ve finished watching it.


Reviews have been relayed

This time it’s Yugoslavia instead of Greece and a dam instead of cannons.  Another team of mixed personalities (with little actual personality) are given the impossible task that will shorten the war. (say under breath: “but–at what cost”?)  It cost producers $10,000,000 to corral the cast and ship ’em to Montenegro and Bosnia. It costs you 117 minutes of your life if you decide to see whether the mission succeeds (guess).Force-10-Dam1

Reviewers dismissed, and it didn’t make enough to recoup expenses. Not surprising, given how slack it all is, the writing, direction and acting equally tired.  Guy Hamilton had long since lost the directorial mojo he’d once brought to Goldfinger: this is more like the dulled creak he dealt to Battle Of Britain.  Robert Shaw looks contemptuous, Harrison Ford was still in his wooden period, Edward Fox tries hardest, Carl Weathers overplays, Franco Nero adds little, Barbara Bach offers a nude scene, Richard Kiel is brutish.  It has action and special effects but they don’t ignite into excitement. A dud. With Alan Badel.



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