Jaws 3



JAWS 3—–no thanks, I already ate.  Ridiculous yet mildly amusing entry in the fish-with-a-grudge series, with sequences shot in 3-D, giving the viewers a mouths-eye-view of people as snacks.vlcsnap-2014-03-16-14h48m26s2211

a2110331679ce5bb9f22e0adb29e1521Nosy (snouty?) Great Whites break into Sea World despite Dennis Quaid’s efforts and soon enough water-skiers, bit players and eventually members of the supporting cast find their niche in the food chain. Eighty-eight million hard-earned taxpayer dollars left wallets to pack kids off to this in 1983. This time the shark was 35 feet long.

Richard Matheson and Carl Gottleib wrote the script. With Bess Armstrong, Louis Gossett Jr., Simon MacCorkindale and Lea Thompson (debut), the 99-minute, $20,500,000 flounder was hooked, lined and sunk by director Joe Alves, his only shot in the big chair with a megaphone.


Here the audience gasps aloud


2 thoughts on “Jaws 3

  1. One of the worst films ever made. The so called special effects in this are so laughable, they look like they’ve come out of some terrible 80’s video game. This and the 4th Jaws film are in the so bad, but at least they are good for a laugh category of films.

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