In Like Flint


IN LIKE FLINT —–lead balloon 1967 sequel to Our Man Flint lacks sparkle and zip, is woefully short of action. Female cartel plots to dominate mankind from their Virgin Islands headquarters, replacing kidnapped US Prez with lookalike actor, provoking its one good line “An actor…as President?” (wasn’t so funny a few years later).

The scenery (filmed in Jamaica, not the Virgin Islands) is barely used, director Gordon Douglas’ pacing makes its 114 minutes seem like 150.  James Coburn and Lee J. Cobb are back, Jean Hale and Yvonne Craig are front.


It recovered a $3,375,000 cost by returning $11,000,000 from Flint-struck kids like me who vainly thought it might be as much fun as the first caper. Could this be when My Disillusion began to set in?  With Andrew Duggan, Anna Lee, Steve Ihnat and Herb Edelman.


Do not ‘watch’ this. Get it? Watch? Never mind…



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