How Sweet It Is


HOW SWEET IT IS —-another ‘Generation Gap’ comedy from the Acid Era. Arch and obvious, feeble despite desperate attempts from its stars. Middle aged folks follow their son to Europe to make sure he comes of age but doesn’t freak out.

Vito Scotti as a horny Italian cook is amusing, but the other silly stuff was dated when it was released in 1968. Debbie Reynolds wears a bikini and James Garner falls face first in the mud. Giggle-giggle.

It made around $6,000,000, tagging the #45 spot. With Maurice Ronet, Terry-Thomas, Alexandra Hay, Donald Losby, Paul Lynde, Marcel Dalio, Penny Marshall, Walter Brooke and Erin Moran.  99 minutes inflicted directed by Jerry Paris.

Garner’s comment in his autobio: “Loved Debbie Reynolds. Loved Paul Lynde. Loved Terry-Thomas. Hated the movie.”  Ya gotta love Jim.


Deb at 34, strutting her struts.


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