The Lookout


THE LOOKOUT—-smartly written, directed and acted crime drama from 2007 features a standout job from Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the lead, and strong backups from Jeff Daniels, Matthew Goode, Isla Fisher and Greg Dunham (as a chill-inducing creep).the-lookout-guy_160x225boxart_160w After a car crash leaves him brain damaged, ‘Chris Pratt’ (Levitt) gets a janitor job in a bank. Scumbag ‘pals’ move in to take advantage.

Despite good reviews, the $16,000,000  noirish hustler only walked away with $5,372,000 from audiences unaware that the nifty woe-wrapper deserved better.  99 minutes moves along apace, with Carla Gugino, Bruce McGill, Alberta Watson, Sergio Di Zio and Alex Borstein.  Direction & script of the layered characters can credit Scott Frank.2007_the_lookout_008

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