BROTHERS—-2009 remake of Brødre (from Denmark five years earlier) is an intense, catch-once entry in the slate of films dealing with war veteran PTSD and associated family havoc.  Tobey McGuire has one of his best roles as a Marine on his 4th tour in Afghanistan, captured and tortured before rescue and return to his splintered homelife.  Wife Natalie Portman has found some comfort with the presence of the troopers screw-up brother, Jake Gyllenhaal, trying to get his act together after a stretch for armed robbery.  As they must, things boil over.


Familiar-seeming ground, directed by Jim Sheridan, doesn’t leave lasting impression beyond applause for the strong acting. Runs 104 minutes, co-stars Sam Shepard, Mare Winningham, Bailee Madison, Patrick Flueger and Carey Mulligan. Production cost $26,000,000, returning $43,300,000, 97th for the year. Mediocre reviews mostly preferring the Danish predecessor, but  nodded to the performers. Tobey nails it down.


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