Target Zero


TARGET ZERO  might stand for the impact score registered from this dodo 1955 programmer set in the Korean War (aka ‘police action’). Directed by Harmon Jones, its only passing interest is in trivia, due to the ‘GIs’ in the cast.

The old Small Unit Cut-Off Behind Enemy Lines gig, with a full complement of wisecrackers.  Biggest idiocy is the inclusion of Peggie Castle as a stranded U.N. biochemist (yeah, I’ll buy that) along for the ride patrol. She gets together with star Richard Conte, while the rest of the guys only get to mow down conveniently slow-moving Reds, perhaps left over from another negative Korean number, One Minute To Zerowith Robert Mitchum.


Firing at will: Charles Bronson, Richard Stapley, L.Q. Jones, Chuck Connors, John Dennis, Able Fernandez, Strother Martin, John Anderson, Joby Baker and Aaron Spelling (!). Retch. 92 minutes.

24909 - Target Zero

Cast pleading with studio to reinforce the script


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