The Dream Team


THE DREAM TEAM—-if the idea—four psychotic mental patients get loose and run around New York City—doesn’t strike you as the greatest one for a comedy, then you may be in for a surprise with this 1989 lark, directed by Howard Zieff.

The script doesn’t insult audience intelligence or make dim fun of the plight of the unbalanced. Thanks goes to the four leads, who are all deadpan funny, occasionally quite so, and their pinpoint playing makes the trip around town a delight.

The guys are Michael Keaton, Peter Boyle, Christopher Lloyd and Stephen Furst. Dealing with them are Dennis Boutsikaris, Lorraine Bracco, Milo O-Shea, Philip Bosco and James Remar.  The $15,000,000 cost pulled back $29,000,000 in the States, 41st for the year. 113 minutes. Keaton throws a tantrum as good as Jack Nicholson.


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