Sticky Fingers


STICKY FINGERS—a bagful of drug money falls into the hands of two girlfriends, room-mates who are also struggling musicians. They need a break from their dead-end situation,and hey, they also love to shop.

Directed & co-written by Caitlin Adams, this 1988 comedy is maybe a little long for its own good (only 97 minutes, still they could have dropped ten), but the skillful mugging of leads Helen Slater and Melanie Mayron (who co-wrote with Adams) make it a diverting time-killer.

It also has a deliciously on-target send-up of the classic Two-Faced Boyfriend by Christopher Guest.  Nice work from Adam Shaw, Shirley Stoler, Eileen Brennan, Carol Kane Danitra Vance and Stephen McHattie. Where is a sack of $900,000 when you need one?


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