State Fair (1962)


C’mon Pat, you can do it…

STATE FAIR—- In 1962 plonks the third (1932, 1945) version of a Phil Strong story set at the Iowa State Fair, concerning the romantic-comedic escapades of your basic All-American family of four. For this version, among other non-improvements, the fairing is in Texas.

Dad (Tom Ewell) has a hog to show; Mom (Alice Faye) has pies to gobble; Sis (Pamela Tiffin) meets a jivey-too-cool Romeo (Bobby Darin); and Junior (Pat Boone) gets his wholesome mitts on the Cornbelt’s hottest tamale (Ann-Margret).

Poster - State Fair (1962)_10Music is by Rodgers & Hammerstein, as in ’45, with reprises of “It’s A Grand Night For Singing” and “Our State Fair” joined by five new tunes, none worth your while.  20-year-old newcomer Ann-Margret heats up a dance number (totally out of place) with her sexbomb figure and come-hither sass, but otherwise it’s square as a preachers hair.

Directed by Jose Ferrer, costing a considerable $4,500,000, it fizzled out at #23 for the year. Cogerson lists a gross at $10,000,000, which seems a bit high.

With Wally Cox, David Brandon, Clem Harvey and Robert Foulk. Padded out to 118 minutes.a06442e974755686312033dd4fdb0dc5

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