Foolin’ Around


FOOLIN’ AROUND is silly, amiable comedy that’s more of an acting exercise for its stars than a feather in their caps. Gary Busey plays a country boy who comes to college and falls for rich, seemingly unattainable Annette O’Toole, engaged to snob-jerk John Calvin.

In situation comedy tradition, love will find a way, through all manner of pratfalls ,dumb gags, mean tricks and assorted shenanigans. Nicely produced, casually directed (Richard T. Heffron), oddly scripted, pleasantly cast.

Busey and Ms. O’Toole were capable of much better, but their likeability keeps this one from hurting any. It came out in 1980, clocked 111 minutes, gave paychecks to Cloris Leachman, Eddie Albert, Tony Randall,William H. Macy, Michael Talbott and Roy Jenson.


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