Scared Stiff


SCARED STIFF is a 1953 Martin & Lewis remake of The Ghost Breakers.  Nightclub singer (guess?) and idiot busboy (duh) end up on a weird island filled with spooks, lonely damsels, hoods and Carmen Miranda.  A few snorts here and there, but the material is flogged into the grave, the length is excessive (108 minutes could have dropped 20), and the topical tosspot of haw-haws are lost in a time-warp.

Lizabeth Scott and Dorothy Malone are slinky, Martin sings (songs that are nothing special) and Lewis does what he always does—which might work for his more rabid defenders. According to some film-fiend logged into the Internet Movie Data Base, Jerry says the name ‘Larry’ (Dean’s character) 113 times. Yeeeks. Time to open a book or play some music.

It was the comedy duos ninth picture, this time making around $3,500,000.  Directed by George Marshall, who had also directed The Ghost Breakers, back in 1940.  Featuring George Dolenz, William Ching, Jack Lambert, Leonard Strong, Henry Brandon, Percy Helton and Earl Holliman. Guest gags from Frank Fontaine, Bob Hope (star of the original) and Bing Crosby.Scared-Stiff-Nightclub-Routine

Scared Stiff trio

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