RODAN—-weighing in at 15,000 tons, boasting a wing-span of 500 feet, looking just about as ridiculous as a mock-up of such a thing could, Rodan roars at Mach 1.5 over Nippon, the second of the fabled triumvirate of gargantuan clods who periodically raise hell on Honshu—preceded by Godzilla, 1962’s Mothra being the proverbial third leg.


Total, harmless idiocy, great fun for tykes of its era (it came out in 1956), worthwhile for a few laughs nowadays. Count the number of voices dubbed by Paul Frees, and see if you can detect the mellow tones of young George Takei in his first crack at the business. Revel in the bandying of theorem—GENERAL: If this thing you call Rodan is extinct, how come it is still alive?”  SCIENTIST: “That’s a good question.

Directed by Inoshiro Honda, featuring Kenji Sawara, Yumi Shirakawa, Akihiko Hirato and 70 minutes of awful special effects. It must be seen, if only to hear the final “eulogy’ for Rodan.

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