RPMR.P.M.—-students rap: “Hey man, we thought your head was on straight. But you don’t know where it’s at.”  ‘Intense’ moments like that sprinkle this foolish exercise, the last and worst of a cycle of dumb-dumb epics brought on by the radical atmosphere of the late 60s.

In Getting Straight and The Strawberry Statement you at least were offered some sex, violence and contemporary music, mixed blatantly enough you’d be guaranteed good clean yocks at the film-makers. But with Stanley Kramer’s numbingly sincere direction of embarassed actors in no-win situations ralphed up by dribble-master Erich Segal, all you end up with is an unexpected nap.

Liberal professor Anthony Quinn runs the college that smart-ass Gary Lockwood and Angry Black Man Paul Winfield want to change. Dull, dull ,dull. From 1970, with Ann-Margret, Graham Jarvis, Alan Hewitt and John McLiam. 97 minutes.


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