I Wake Up Screaming


I WAKE UP SCREAMING—–Someone bumped off the pretty model as her star was ascending. Was it her promoter, hunkish Victor Mature? Was it pompous ham Alan Mowbray or oily writer Allyn Joslyn? Maybe her sis, Betty Grable, shadowed in her fame, reason enough for jealous rage? Could it be hulking, sarcastic flatfoot Laird Cregar?–naw, too obvious.


A smooth product of 1941, directed by Bruce Humberstone, this well-regarded meller is easy to take if you’re up for suspended reality and want to do some star-gazing. Carole Landis, as the victim, is quite an eyeful, and Cregar does a great job of making you hate his guts. A fast 82 minutes, with William Gargan, Elisha Cook, Morris Ankrum and James Flavin. It came in 45th among the years money makers, grossing $4,000,000.carolelandisbrooch

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