The Giant Behemoth


THE GIANT BEHEMOTH —-it’s big, it’s prehistoric, it’s radioactive and it’s headed for London. Kiddee fave from the days of 1959 Saturday matinees, cooked up by special effects whiz Willis O’Brien (King Kong) and Eugene Lourie, director of the earlier, similar, better The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms and the later, similar, much better Gorgo. 

SK 03Fine character actor Gene Evans (Pa on the old TV series My Friend Flicka ), has one of his few leading roles as the American scientist who tries to aid Britain against the thoughtlessly destructive title creature, that not only stomps automobiles but microwaves any steadfast soldier or panic-stricken civilian too stupid to go one-on-one.  Some of the special effects are decent, some atrocious, but kids of the day ate it up, and that’s who these items were designed for.

In the 80 minutes that unfold before your stunned eyes, you will see actors Andre Morell, John Turner and Jack MacGowran. Douglas Hickox co-directed: he would later helm the spectacular Zulu Dawn.giant_behemoth_poster_01

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