Wayne’s World

WAYNE’S WORLD not only brought proto-doofs Wayne & Garth to the unworthy masses, it was the biggest hit of any spinoff from Saturday Night Live (most sucked) and managed to re-popularize the Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” in the bargain.  “Party on!”

Aurora, Illinois, USA.  ‘Wayne Campbell’ (Mike Myers) and ‘Garth Algar’ (Dana Carvey) are best of buds, connoisseurs of hard rock and hot babes. When their public-access TV show (shot in Wayne’s parents basement) catches the eye of slick television producer ‘Benjamin Kane’ (Rob Lowe), the dudes business naivete brings them face-to-space with a temporary buzz kill. But Wayne’s fluency in Cantonese helps win over boiling hot ‘Cassandra Wong’ (Tia Carrere), lead vocalist and bassist of ‘Crucial Taunt’. Besides looking like a Bond Girl: Nasty Division, Carrere does her own pretty decent belting. Garth meanwhile is mesmerized by a nameless dream goddess in the form of the pant-evoking Donna Dixon.  “Schwing!”

GARTH: “Sometimes I wish I could boldly go where no man has gone before… but I’ll probably stay in Aurora. What are you thinking about?”   WAYNE: “Cassandra. She’s a fox. In French, she would be called “la renarde” and she would be hunted with only her cunning to protect her.”  GARTH: “She’s a babe.”   WAYNE: “She’s a robo-babe. In Latin, she would be called “babia majora“.”   GARTH: “If she were a president, she would be Baberham Lincoln….. Did you ever find Bugs Bunny attractive when he put on a dress and played a girl bunny?”

Many ‘idiot comedies’ lose their potency (if they possessed it) when their contemporary zone of reflection hurls the torch to a new slate of morons, but this is one that transcends time, because (a) the cast is good and the gags are mostly funny, and (b) there’s no danger of running out of recognizable Wayne & Garth clones who rock among us.   “No Stairway. Denied!”

Written by Myers and the husband-wife team of Bonnie & Terry Turner. Directed by Penelope Spheeris. Produced by Lorne Michaels for $20,000,000, it pucked a happy #8 for the United & Stately box office of 1992, making $121,697,000, scoring another $61,400,000 beyond the borders.

I just always wanted to open a door to room where people are being trained like in James Bond movies.”

Rolling with Myers hunches: Lara Flynn Boyle (‘Stacy’ aka “psycho hose beast“), Brian Doyle-Murray, Coleen Camp, Kurt Fuller, Ed O’Neill (twisted manager of ‘Stan Mikita’s Donuts’), Michael DeLuise, Lee Tergesen, and Frederick Coffin (‘Officer Koharski’).  Cameos of the Absurd go to Alice Cooper, Chris Farley, Robert Patrick, Meat Loaf and Ione Sky.

Wisely kept to 95 minutes, though the multiple endings milk it. Followed a year later by the less-awesome Wayne’s World 2.

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