CARGO in this 2017 post-apocalypse item from Australia is a baby, carried on her dad’s back after his wife has succumbed to infection from a zombie bite—and we all know how you deal with the zom-chomped. Lugging most of the load in the 105 minute picture is Martin Freeman, doing a stand-up job as the literally plagued father.

After an epidemic has decimated the population, ‘Andy Rose’ (Freeman) is determined to see that his infant daughter gets to safety, but the already challenging landscape is now roamed by not olny the diseased & quasi-deceased but by the odd nasty survivalist, free from authority or mercy. Help may come from ‘Thoomi’ (Simone Landers), a teenaged Aboriginal girl separated from her clan. 

Co-directed by Ben Howling & Yolanda Ranke, from Ranke’s script, the film keeps the carnage aspects to a minimum, and this time the protagonist is not a gun-toting, head-shooting instant-slayer typical of the undying genre of the Undead, but instead just a regular guy, out of his element, grief-stricken, and wounded, the clock ticking against him.  Landers is appealing and compelling, the baby (‘played’ by several) is cute, and the forbidding but captivating South Australia scenery is spectacular.

With Anthony Hayes, Susie Porter and Caren Pistorius. Among the Aboriginals is David Gulpilil, familiar from Walkabout, The Last Wave and Rabbit-Proof Fence.

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