Tank Girl



TANK GIRL marked the last time I would ever pay any attention to the guy who reviewed for the local rag, who raved over this cowpie like it was crêpe suzette. Directed in 1995 by Rachel Talaly, it’s a “science-fiction action comedy” taken from a comic book with a feminist cyber-punk anti-hero. Eat that with a side of ugly, hold the appeal.  Loud, manic and in-your-face with bad attitude for 104 minutes, it burned up $25,000,000 to design and shoot, but only conned $6,000,000 back.

With Lori Petty, Ice-T, Naomi Watts, Don Harvey, Jeff Kober and Malcolm McDowell. Iggy Pop has a cameo as ‘Rat Face’. It has a cult following. Petty: “There’s no formula as to why Tank Girl was so fabulous and why people love it so much … It was unique, it was new, it was fresh, it was way ahead of its time, and I’m happy that I got to do it and that I’ll always have her.”  Lori, with respect, you are welcome to her.





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