SLIVER—–after her leg-crossover success in 1992s hit Basic Instinct, Sharon Stone muffed her guaranteed lust factor good will faster than you can say William Baldwin. She strips down with the second-less-charming of Alec’s clan in this 1993 panter directed by Philip Noyce, written by Joe Eszterhas, who had smartly done the chores on her previous smash. Could ‘Carly’s’ lover in her apartment building be a serial killer?  Is she writhing with the wrong guy?

28666  Stone and Baldwin disliked each other to the point of demanding their scenes be filmed separately. Sliver Her asking price had risen five times since BA, so that was consolation. Though it made dough to cover a $40,000,000 (what for?) budget, to the tune of $116,300,000, the reviews were brutal enough to send the star into a Stone Age, which lasted a long while, even with an Oscar nomination for Casino.

  Ezterhas continued his plummet—this script is terrible— with Showgirls and Jade. Director Noyce recovered with several good films. Also wasting away here are Tom Berenger, Polly Walker, Colleen Camp, Martin Landau, CCH Pounder and Nina Foch. 107 minutes.






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