Red Line 7000


“The groovy Youth Culture will eat this up, Howard.”

RED LINE 7000—–Howard Hawks directed a bunch of great movies, but his relaxed style eventually collided with his advancing age & declining energy reserves.  The Hawksian gas tank scrapes empty in this 1965 exhaust pipe, his penchant for stories revolving around camaraderie and profession (here it’s car racing, something he liked to indulge in) found a groove when a personality like Cary Grant or John Wayne was in the mix, but this 110-minute track-lap is stuck with green-gilled 24-year old James Caan, and a bland backup crew.  Only the sturdy Norman Alden pulls any color out of the outdated script, and Hawk’s staging indifference shows in the boring race footage.

Costing $2,425,000, it flopped, coming in 81st place with grosses of $3,410,000 and dismal reviews. With Laura Devon, Gail Hire, Marianna Hill, Charlene Holt, Skip Ward, George Takei, Robert Donner and Teri Garr (dancing).


The highlight


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