Flame Of Araby


FLAME OF ARABY—-one of a slew of second-rate actioners that took up most of the 50s for each of its stars, Maureen O’Hara and Jeff Chandler. Set in make-believe North Africa of olden days, Bedouin sheik Chandler and Tunisian princess O’Hara (tell me another one) are after a prized stallion, yet they—hold the pressed dates!— fall for each other.  Bright Technicolor helps the 77 minutes of silliness go down, with Lon Chaney Jr., Buddy Baer, Richard Egan, Dewey Martin, Susan Cabot, Neville Brand, Royal Dano, Henry Brandon. Harmless old-fashioned lollygag was directed by Charles Lamont. It made $3,300,000.


Which way to El Morocco?


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