ORCA—–from 1977, was directed by Michael Anderson, 21 years and a long way from his glory moment in the sun steering Around The World In 80 Days.  In the dorsal-steps of Jaws, an angry killer whale wants revenge against Richard Harris (like hundreds of pub owners) for killing its pregnant mate. Not enough to murder Mrs.Orca, Harris actions also caused a miscarriage, so the Male Whale has an agenda as large as his appetite, which grows to include Bo Derek’s leg, chomped off in her debut: she was 21, the orca’s age has not been verified.


Along for the 92 minutes of saltwater daffy are Charlotte Rampling (veering from what passed for her norm), Will Sampson, Keenan Wynn, Robert Carradine and Don Barry. Budgeted at $6,000,000, it harvested but $14,718,000 and a pod of bad reviews. It did boast cool poster art.




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