Operation Bikini


OPERATION BIKINI—–American-International Pictures, the beloved A.I.P. grinder of schlock from 1954 to 1980, saw fit back in 1963 to tackle a WW2 Pacific mission adventure (the Bikini is the island, not the bathing suit, but “whatever will bring in the kids”) and gave the job to Tab Hunter, Frankie Avalon and Gary Crosby. Despite that, we won the war.

Along to annoy the Japanese are Scott Brady, Jim Backus, Michael Dante, Eva Six, Jody McCrea and Richard Bakalyan. William Shatner narrates. 77 minutes of idiocy uses stock footage to augment the cast trooping through cheap settings in black & white, with bizarre color sequences inserted of Avalon singing. The direction was claimed by Anthony Carras. Success (minimal) was assisted by advertising tag lines showing the studio’s sensitivity to history. “TEMPTATION in PARADISE… Neither hell nor high heels could stop them!”  








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