Let’s Get Harry


  LET’S GET HARRY—-let’s not. Junker 1986 action flick has ‘Harry’ (Mark Harmon) kidnapped by drug dealers in Colombia.  When the US government refuses help (too busy in bed with the cartels?), his brother collects a motley group to go after him.  After assorted dull scrapes with assorted ‘Colombians’ (filmed in Vera Cruz, Mexico) the good guys take on the bad guys.

After re-editing, director Stuart Rosenberg wanted his name taken off the result and so credit is dumped on the fictional Alan Smithee.lets_get_harry11  Since Harry’s brother and his home town buddies are just average Joe American’s (complete with firearms), they are lucky to have the help of a mercenary (Robert Duvall) and a big-game hunter who is also a car dealer and a coke-snorter (Gary Busey).  Ben Johnson is the Dad, so this is serious stuff going down.

Silly 80s rescue-from-foreign-hellhole tripe, running 102 minutes, with Michael Schoeffling, Glenn Frey, Rick Rossovich, Matt Clark, Elpedia Carrillo and Gregory Sierra.  Originally meant to be directed by Samuel Fuller, it rescued less than $141,000 from ticket buyers.


Is this the face of a guy who would have anything to do with narcotics?



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