Missing In Action


Oh, go frag yourself

  MISSING IN ACTION—-stupid, reprehensible Chuck Norris action crap about rescuing POWs held in Vietnam ten years after the war ended.  A Reagan Era rah-rah slaughterfest, it came out in 1984 and repaid its $2,550,000 cost with a gross of $23,000,000, spawning two sequels.  I avoided those drafts: this whorezone was bad enough.  Actually it was intended to be the second (two were shot back-to-back) but it was released first after being deemed superior, which tells you how crummy the other was.

Directed by Joseph Zito, mowing down clumsy, marksmanship-deficient Commies through 101 minutes of avenging j-o fantasy.  Ever notice how many of these right-wing, Fox-slurping, go-get-’em action guys did not serve when they had the chance? Try getting a grip on something other than a gun that you’ll never shoot.

With M. Emmet Walsh and James Hong. Made in The Philippines.


Up Chuck River


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