PERFECT—–may have inspired the eventual hangover of Cocktail: if you can waste $20,000,000 on a movie about narcissists doing aerobics why not make one about egotists mixing drinks?  Flaming tequila might help you get through the 115 minutes of this leotard, directed & co-written (half-written is more like it) by James Bridges. To scoop that “Fitness clubs are the singles bars of the 80s” , ‘journalistic ethics’ sendRolling Stone reporter”—it’s a movie that exhausts ironic quotation marks— John Travolta  ‘undercover’ at a trendy gym, where he falls for the incredible body of the bedrock sincerity of instructor Jamie Lee Curtis. Motives are examined. 200_sThose who watch movies for a living took issue with this one for using up two precious hours of their lives, and crowds stayed home and pigged out instead: it only pulled in $13,000,000. The backhands prompted Travolta, 31, to stay off-screen for four years, contemplating why this was his fourth whale in a row (okay Blow Out, horrid Staying Alive, dorky Two Of A Kind).  Sparkless romance will not make you question a whole lot, though Jamie’s hip-wracking might coax sweat.

With Jann Wenner, Marilu Henner, Laraine Newman, Anne De Salvo. It was not alone in the conga line of crap for 1985, which gave us the second Rambo, third Death Wish, fourth Rocky, and fifth Friday the 13th. Not depressing enough?  Ponder American Ninja, Invasion USA and A View To A Kill—even James Bond let us down, such was the amnesia grip of Reagan’s fourth year, making the gullible proud of being stupid, selfish and savage.




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