28 Weeks Later


28 WEEKS LATER, the 2007 sequel to the 2002 cult hit 28 Days Later, has a different director (Juan Carlos Fresnadillo) and writers (four this time), a bigger budget ($15,000,000) allotting more scope for CGI mayhem, and a quality cast. Great twisted stuff, if you enjoy gouts of puking plasma, eyeballs being gouged out (husband-to-wife, yet) and the US Army back in England, except this time laying waste to a good deal of London. Even within the wild & woolly parameters of this sort of junk violence, the lovingly detailed killing spree here stoops pretty low into the bilge pond.

The rage insta-plague has annihilated the population of Britain. Those citizens who were outside the country are returning to start over, under the protective guns of the American military (redefining ‘mission creep’) who warn them to keep inside the safe zone.  Of course, not every drop of bad blood has gone dry, people get curious and in short order the new dead pile up like bugs in a zapper.


On hand, for reasons known only to themselves or their agents are Robert Carlyle, Jeremy Renner, Rose Byrne, Catherine McCormack (what a sad comedown from Braveheart), Harold Perrineau and Idris Elba.  Playing the kids in danger are Imogen Poots (wielding some pair of eyes) and Mackintosh Muggleton (indeed a name to stand by).  Red-red vino flows like the Thames after a tempest. Movie sets a new standard for actors barfing blood, and you’ll no doubt enjoy the helicopter blade whacking through a field of zombies. Carnage carnival, to what end? The only thing that moves faster than the zombies or the bullets that mow them down is the idiotic hyper-speed editing and a camera that must’ve been positioned on a camel getting electric shocks. It is literally maddening to put up with this film school indulgence. You want rage?

Reviews were generally positive (signaling not only that we are doomed, but that we deserve it) and blood money rolled in from the spew-hungry hordes to the tune of $64,200,000. 100 minutes. I can deal with zombies depopulating the planet (a dirty job, but someone…), jeez, I liked World War Z, but this is just stupid and disgusting.


So, you’re telling me we’re being colonized—by the Americans?

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