Man Without A Star


MAN WITHOUT A STAR—-overrated western piffle from 1955 has independent cowpoke Kirk Douglas getting involved in a range war when he strings barbed wire for local ranch queen Jeanne Crain.  A pulping by saddle toughs is tossed in for the sadistic heck of it and Douglas goes chin-to-wind for payback. Claire Trevor and Richard Boone mark their time as well.


Directed by King Vidor, who fought with Douglas, as most directors (and nearly everyone else) had to with Kirk’s demands and general surly jerkitude.  Film has a decent rep (count me out) and came into the corral at spot #49, making $2,200,000 in the same year as Kirk’s better outdoor drama, The Indian Fighter.

This moseys along for 89 minutes and paid some bills for William Campbell, Jay C. Flippen, Mara Corday, Sheb Wooley, Jack Elam, Paul Birch, Roy Barcroft and Myron Healey.


Why you dirty….(Kirk noise)….lowdown, lyin scum. You know I’m easy to work with!


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