CHUKA —-good cast—Rod Taylor, John Mills, Ernest Borgnine, Luciana Paluzzi, James Whitmore—flounders in boring 1967 western about ignorant whites giving the Arapaho an excuse to raise hell.  No sweep, a tired plot, a cut-rate, set-bound production and little action (what there is won’t keep you awake).  Almost everyone gets dead.


What the hell is Luciana Paluzzi doing out there among the cactus and critters? Lasting 105 minutes, it’s one of the usually steady director Gordon Douglas’ worst wrangles. Costing $1,700,000, with Louis Hayward, Victoria Vetri and 22-year-old Michael Cole, just about to commence five years on The Mod Squad. Wait! The Mod Squad ran five years?   Like the decimated cast, the movie died at the cash trough, a take of $1,900,000 gasping at #71. Upchuka….


Rod goes for it. Luciana realizing she’s gone from “Thunderball” to  “Chuka”.


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