Johnny Concho

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JOHNNY CONCHO  adds his moniker to a long line of ‘Johnny___’ movie dudes, but the fix was in for Frank Sinatra in this 1956 rhubarb, one he didn’t like to be reminded of.  He plays a punk braggart and coward who leeches off a town thanks to his brothers rep, but has to skedaddle when challenged by nasty killer William Conrad.  Will Johnny redeem himself to win ‘Mary Dark’ (Phyllis Kirk)?  No one cared, not those writing about movies or more importantly those who went, darn few of whom did, as it came in #58 for the year.71I5zJrNuyL._SL1500_

To give him credit, it showed some moxie to play such a sneaky rat, but Frank never wanted for mox, and he’d just come off a slew of hits. He followed this dip with another strong run, so all’s well that ends well, except for this 84-minute rattle. He looks goofy in his duds, and the character isn’t someone you want to hang out with.  He did three more horseback hoots, but they were all played for intentional laughs: Sergeants 3, 4 For Texas and Dirty Dingus McGee. None amounted to much, but they are more entertaining than this mistake.

With Keenan Wynn, Wallace Ford, Christopher Dark, Willis Bouchley, Leo Gordon, Claude Akins, John Qualen and Strother Martin. Directed by Don McGuire.


“Dino will never let this rest.”


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