War Arrow


WAR ARROW  is not to be confused with War Paint, War Drums or Warpath, but who’s counting? (well, insulted Native Americans, probably).  This one wreaks havoc on history by having cavalry captain Jeff Chandler employ ‘Seminole Scouts’ to fight the Kiowas. Fetching widow Maureen O’Hara, jealous fort commander John McIntire, wise-cracking pal Noah Beery Jr. and knockout Indian princess Suzan Ball all pitch in under George Sherman’s paint-by-numbers direction.5efaa73dc2cbecac156a7d6fec3fa960  Action abounds, but it’s absurd.

78 minutes straight from the undemanding matinee fare of 1953 doesn’t come off too well today.   With thespian assist from Charles Drake, Henry Brandon, Dennis Weaver and Jay Silverheels, it deducted $2,200,000 from allowances around the country. Good thing they changed the title, though: it was originally meant to go out as, we kid you not, Brady’s Bunch.




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