White Bird In A Blizzard


WHITE BIRD IN A BLIZZARD —-is just so determinedly odd that it could generate a little cult following, even as it will shed many more viewers with its who-cares? factor.  Set in the late 1980s, for some reason (looking much like a re-imagined 50s, in the art direction and color scheme), it has sexually and emotionally awakening teenager (Shailene Woodley) trying to understand why and how her batshit-nutty Mom disappeared.  Dad is an oddball, too, and the investigating detective is an uncomfortable sleaze.


An unearthly Eva Greene and buttoned-up Christopher Meloni are the mismatched parents, a narcoleptic Thomas Jane the cop.  Angela Bassett and Gibouri Sidebi tag along, neither well-served by their roles.  Just weird enough to keep you looking, until it’s over and you realized you just used 91 minutes on it.  Another script with crutch-overuse of the f-word—into the f—–g ground. Directed & written by Gregg Araki in 2014.


Mother from another planet

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