The Story On Page One


THE STORY ON PAGE ONE —–lawyer Anthony Franciosa undertakes to defend adulterers Rita Hayworth and Gig Young, accused of murdering Rita’s hubby.  Very slow first half, second part not bad with good acting, especially from Franciosa, during the courtroom crossfires.

Directed and written by Clifford Odets in 1959, it’s a wee top-heavy with starkness and the case itself, the direction and the physical aspects of the production are no more than adequately handled.  Okay score from Elmer Bernstein.  Pretty much a working exercise and paycheck for the performers: as such is of interest to some, a lengthy 123-minute trial for others.

With Mildred Dunnock, Hugh Griffith, Sanford Meisner, Robert Burton and Alfred Ryder. It earned $2,850,000.



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