The Iron Lady


THE IRON LADY—-yet another feather in the brightly stuffed bonnet of Meryl Streep, this 2011 biographical pass at the life (and dubious achievements) of Margaret Thatcher earned The World’s Foremost Thespian her 17th Oscar nomination and third win.  The effective Makeup also copped one of the little gold guys, in a certainly interesting drama, directed by Phyllida Lloyd, co-starring Jim Broadbent as Mag’s husband.

Critically, while plaudits went to Streep’s uncanny impersonation, both friends and enemies of the demented old bat  fierce, unyielding political legend were unhappy with what was suggested and what was left out.  No fan of Thatcher (she can rot), I watched with gritted teeth, but credit marvelous Meryl with outstanding work.

With Iain Glen, Olivia Colman and the always engaging Richard E. Grant. It drew $115,000,000 from inheritors of the Thatcher-wounded planet. 105 minutes.


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