The Black Shield Of Falworth


Yonder lies….

THE BLACK SHIELD OF FALWORTH —fun kiddie adventure from 1954, dumb enough for adults to get some chuckles out of, it’s another of the showpieces Universal arranged for Tony Curtis on his way up.  Plopping the Bronx into Medieval England hardly sits nobly for drama, but the zestful playing by the game star and his supporters (with a variety of accents), the pleasing gaudiness of the sets and costumes and the energetic action scenes make it hard to despise.  Script is strictly from camp, best lines going to David Farrar and Patrick O’Neal, worst (or are they the best?) going to Tony.

Goofy goodie directed by Rudolph Mate, who expended $1,171,750 and came in 60th among earners for its year, and features Janet Leigh, Barbara Rush, Herbert Marshall, Rhys Williams, Dan O’Herlihy, Torin Thatcher. 99 minutes.


Yonder lies the atomic brassiere of my wife Janet


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