OBLIVION—-visually striking 2013 science-fiction doppelganger story has Tom Cruise putting out his typical committed work, and the first half of the movie plays well. The thin script falters in the second half, and for once the appearance of Morgan Freeman works against success–he’s become so familiar as a go-to-guy for authority roles that here it comes off with a deja vu shrug of “of course” (same might have been the case with Michael Caine–and I love both these actors, so maybe I’m being too picky–but peerless Morgan didn’t convince me this time).

More eye-pleasure comes from Olga Kurylenko, who rocks Tom’s sheltered existence. Great vehicles, neat sets, grand vistas.

Directed by Joseph Kosinski, clocking 124 minutes (fifteen too many), with Andrea Riseborough and Melissa Leo. Set up for $120,000,000, returned $286,000,000.



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