NO—-from Chile in 2012, directed by Pablo Larrain. In 1988, after fifteen years years of military dictatorship under Gen. Pinochet, a national plebiscite was conducted to let the public ‘decide’ whether to keep the bully boys in charge for another eight years or give democracy a chance.  As those in power frantically try to sway/intimidate a “Yes” vote, the “No” campaign enlists an advertisement expert (Gael Garcia Bernal) to come up with unorthodox methods to get the freedom message across in ways the lead-footed fascists lack the wit and humanity to match. Tense and smart, with the typical sincere Bernal combination of charm and cleverness, it only pulled $7,700,000, but did earn an Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Film. With Alfredo Castro, Luis Gnecco and Antonia Zegers. 118 minutes.


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