The Whistleblower


THE WHISTLEBLOWER  shows that age-old fiend Slavery, in just about as heinous a manner as it can metastasize, is not only alive and sick, but flourishing, abetted by grotesque handmaiden Betrayal.  In 1999, Nebraska cop Kathryn Bolkavec (Rachel Weisz) is assigned work as a U.N.-affiliated peacekeeper in war-ravaged Bosnia.  She not only finds that brutal sex-trafficking is pervasive, but that the outfit she works for partakes, and cover for the dung runs uphill to the door of the United Nations.whistleblower-rachel-w1

It took eleven years to get the story on the screen, and the depressing subject could only summon $1,100,000 from limited showings.

Weisz gives it her all, and the supporting players are well chosen.  A dark 112 minutes to spend with the bleakest of situations, but the discomfited viewer has the option of shutting off the film, a luxury denied the victims.  With Vanessa Redgrave, Monica Belluci, David Strathairn, Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Roxana Condurache, Paula Scramm and Benedict Cumberbatch.


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