Jeff, Who Lives At Home


JEFF, WHO LIVES AT HOME—-we all know some slackers, and can relate to at least one who’s an extra-sad case because they’ve got heart to go with their dithering and drifting (“Too bad about___”).  This 2011 quirk comedy, written & directed by brothers Mark and Jay Duplass speaks to those lost in the landscape, and manages to be clever, endearing, both sweet and tart, mingling a few deft twists along its 83-minute tour of JeffWorld.

vlc-snap2012-05-13-19h59m14s0download (1) Jeff (the disarming Jason Segel) smokes too much weed and sees signs in events that others don’t.  Mom (Susan Sarandon) is frustrated: by Jeff in the basement, by dullness at work and by being lonely in the love arena.  Brother ‘Pat’ (Ed Helms), who thinks Jeff sounds like Yoda on acid, has a marriage on the skids.  Made for a trim $7,500,000, it garnered positive write-ups, but only found $4,705,000 from the slacker public.  Pay a little attention to Jeff, you might be surprised.  With Judy Greer, Rae Dawn Chong, Steve Zissis and Evan Ross.


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