Here Come The Co-Eds


HERE COME THE CO-EDS—-the 14th Abbott & Costello flick, first of three they released in 1945. This time ‘Oliver Quackenbush’ (Lou) and ‘Slats’ (Bud)  are hired as caretakers at a women’s college. Some chuckles (Costello displaying his usual deft physicality) although Bud yells too much. Wears out its welcome before the 88th minute shows up.MV5BYzExZGRkMGUtMjJiNy00NjVjLWI2YWItMjhmNzFiODYzYjMwL2ltYWdlL2ltYWdlXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMzI5NDcxNzI@._V1_UY218_CR13,0,150,218_AL_

wir.skyrock.netCo-starring sprightly hoofer Peggy Ryan (popular at the time for eight musical-comedy team-ups with Donald O’Connor), Martha O’Driscoll (‘a looker’, in the parlance of the day: she soon left movies, married an industrialist and became a famous philanthropist), Charles Dingle and Lon Chaney Jr. (demoted by a thankless Universal for this job, one of six that year including another Larry Talbot/Wolfman gig in House Of Dracula, which also featured the lovely Ms. O’ Driscoll).

This one cost $717,000 to produce, and ended up coming in at 76th place for the year. Directed by Jean Yarbrough.


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